Shipping or collection options at DHD Dorantes

You can collect your lots yourself at our facilities in Lebrija (Seville), once you have been informed by email that the lots are available. You can check our address and our pick-up time on our contact page. In the event that you are not the one who collects the awarded lot or lots, you must give an authorization to the person who is going to do it through an authorization document and send it via e-mail. Download Authorization Document. Download Authorization Document.

The lots acquired in online auction will have to be withdrawn within 10 days from the day after they were awarded. After that date they will accrue a storage fee of €3 per day per piece.

DHD Dorantes usually works with different transport and courier agencies with extensive experience in the transport of articles. In case of requesting this service if the delivery address is in the Iberian Peninsula (Balearic and Canary Islands are excluded) or in any of the indicated countries, we will automatically apply the shipping costs according to the following table based on weight. (Prices without VAT)

COUNTRY3 kg5 kg7 kg10 kg15 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg
SPAIN (PENINSULA)22,823,824,224,5325,3527,6430,5336,8
UNITED KINGDOM49,6554,0955,8557,659,6163,2567,0390,72

In case you are not in any of the above situations, DHD Dorantes will send you the budget for your settlement. It will include, unless you indicate otherwise, the cost of transport and packaging.

Additional insurance:

You can contact us if you wish to contract additional insurance for full coverage of the amount of the lot and we will arrange this with a specialized insurance company.

Delivery time:

Once the transport costs have been paid, DHD Dorantes will proceed to carry out the arrangements for the packaging and transport of the piece. The transport period will vary according to the geographical area, estimating an average of between ten and fifteen days. This period may vary depending on the availability of the product in our warehouse, if it must be collected at the place of deposit or if the piece requires special packaging or adjustments.

Lots grouping

We will wait to receive the last lot to make the shipment if the client requests a grouping of lots to save in shipping costs, although the payment deadlines will have to be met.

If you wish to receive the piece at a different address than the one you have specified as a user, you must indicate this by mail to

You can use your own means of transport or hire the one of your choice directly. In this case, only, the packaging would be charged if it were necessary.

The lots will be available at our facilities in Lebrija (Seville). You can check our address and our collection schedule on our contact page

In case you need more information, remember that you can always send us an email to