Copper trumpet signed by KÖLER & SON MAKERS (72 cm)

Copper trumpet signed by KÖLER & SON MAKERS (72 cm)


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Copper trumpet signed by “KÖLER & SON MAKERS” from 1851, length 72cm. Kohler & Son established around 1780 and by 1790 they had their headquarters in Whitcomb Street, London. By 1835, they were manufacturers and contractors of all military instruments for the War Office, the British Army, the Navy and the Indian office. In 1851, John Kohler (born 1804 Middlesex) made musical instruments and lived at 35 Henrietta Street with his wife Elizabeth, four children, and two servants. 10 years later, he was employing 6 men and 4 boys at the same address, but he lived next door, at number 33 with two more boys. They made for other specialty vendors, including Harper’s slide trumpets and McFarland’s horns, and won awards for their brass instruments. They moved from 35 Henrietta Street, Convent Garden to 116 Victoria Street, Westminster around 1881. In 1899 they also had offices around the corner at 12A Gt Chapel Street London. Then in 1902 to 167 Edbury Street, Eaton Square and in 1914 they had moved to 183-5 Piccadilly. During the heyday of the banjo they imported what appear to be Buckbee instruments marked “hero’s trademark”, but they certainly had the skills to make their own.

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