Picnic basked manufactured by “DREW & SONS”.

Picnic basked manufactured by “DREW & SONS”.



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Picnic basked manufactured by “DREW & SONS”. Picnic basked manufactured by “DREW & SONS” from the late 19th century. Constains two lids, upper and front opening, the upper one lined inside by engraved cardboard and contains an ivory sheet engraved with the manufacturer’s signature, the lower one lined with silver plate with the manufacturer’s signature. Leather handle with worn silver brass fittings. Functional lock signed by the manufacturer (does not contain the key). It consists of three trays, two glasses and two sandwich makers in white enamelled sheet with gold bevel, an oval box in white enamelled sheet with gold bevel and silver sheet lid with the manufacturer’s signatura. Two small glass jars with silver sheet caps, two glass bottles (one without the lid). Set of three knives and three forks signed by the manufacturer. Drew & Sons was a company founded by Samuel Summers Drew in 1844. It was a company known for its bags, picnic baskets, trunks, and other leather goods. The company also worked with gold and silver. They worked at 33 Piccadilly Circus, London, from 1887 to 1914, when they moved into the Regent Street plant. They had premises on Leadenhall Street in London from 1888-1914 and also on Kings Road in Brighton from 1894. The Drew & Son articles were patronized by Queen Victoria, the Royal Family and many of the courts around Europe.

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